Kekova-Myra-Demre (St. Nicolaus Church)
Duration: 1 Day (7+ Hours)
Locations: Antalya
Pick-up Time Available: 00:05,02:01,03:00
Kekova-Myra-Demre (St. Nicolaus Church) Kekova-Myra-Demre (St. Nicolaus Church) Kekova-Myra-Demre (St. Nicolaus Church)

Around 09:00 you will be picked up from your 
All day you will be visiting the ruins of Kekova, Demre and myra , after the tour we can either transfer you back to your hotel or drop you off at the Down town 18:00 Approx.. time for the tour ending. 
On the right you can see some of the images we will see during the tour and below is the brief information of the places we wil visit during the tour.

MYRA : On the north of the church of Saint Nicholas, the ruins of MYRA city and rock tombs can be found on the slope of a mountain .It is understood from the ancient city walls that this ancient city which is right next to the theatre, was built on a steep hill. 
KEKOVA (SUNKEN CITY): Kekova has a surface area of 5,7sq km. On the north shore of Kekova, the ruins of a city, whose large part has sunk under sea, can be viewed. 
St. NICOLAUS According to ancient sources, St. Nicolas was born towards the end of the 3rd century in Patara, 60 km west of Demre in a wealthy family. He had a good education and devoted himself to mankind.
SIMENA : The village of Kale ,previously known as Simena, is very attractive. Its ruins are situated under the sea , and a well preserved Middle ages detents walls are on the slope. Most of the buildings have two floors.

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